KBC safely through in heats at Glasgow 2014

Sunday 27th July 2014

Kemar Bailey-Cole was safely through in the heat one at the Commonwealth Games at Glasgow 2014.

Kemar put in a solid race finishing with a time of 10.16 to win the first heat. He has safely qualified for the semi-finals (7.35pm) ahead of the Commonwealth final (9.50pm) which both take place tomorrow, 28th July 2014

1) K. Bailey-Cole (JAM) 10.16 Q
2) R. Gittens (BAR) 10.34 Q
3) J. Connaughton (CAN) 10.47
4) W. Moenga (KEN) 10.84
5) J. Hamilton (SVG) 10.85
6) M. Ahmed (BAN) 11.13
7) F. Manioru (SOL) 11.87


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