KBC wins in Zurich with seasons’ best

Saturday 30th August 2014

Commonwealth Champion Kemar Bailey-Cole posted a seasons’ best time of 9.96 (-0.3m/s) on Thursday evening to win the 100m in Zurich.

Following on from the victory in Birmingham, Kemar’s win is even more impressive when you look at the strength of the field.

“The day I saw the line-up I was thinking like this is like a World Championship final without Bolt, Blake and Gatlin, but nonetheless I told myself that I should at least get a win or get a season best and at the end of the race got both and was very pleased,” he said.

“I am quite satisfied because I am still working on getting that start close to perfect. I just need to work on the angle of my body coming out of the blocks and the first three quick steps.”

“The best race of the season for me was winning the Commonwealth title so I would put Zurich in second spot right now.”

Kemar competes on Tuesday night in Zagreb.


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